Eastside Youth Soccer Association Constitution

Established 1996



The name of the association shall be Eastside Youth Soccer Association.


To foster and support the development of organized youth soccer and youth soccer players in Zone 5 of the Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc. territory.
To govern the playing of organized soccer at the youth age level in the Zone.
To foster the development of qualified soccer coaches to serve the Association.To achieve these objectives in concert and cooperation with community-based Mini Soccer teams in Zone 5, the Saskatoon Youth Soccer Association Inc. and the Saskatchewan Soccer Association.

Eastside Youth Soccer Association is a non-profit association. There will be no financial gain for any of its members or officers. All funds administered by the Association shall be used to promote youth soccer for the benefit of Zone 5 teams.


The boundaries of Eastside Youth Soccer Association encompasses the area East of the South Saskatchewan River enclosed by the river and Circle Drive, excluding Brevoort Park. The area South of Circle Drive and West of Highway 11 is also included (Stonebridge, the Willows, South Corman Park). For more information consult the SYSI website.


Eastside Youth Soccer Association is open to all players, parents and coaches and managers who are affiliated with youth and mini soccer teams within Zone 5 as well as community association representatives from within the zone and other interested individuals as approved by the Board.

Board of Directors

The governing body of Eastside Youth Soccer Association will be a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Past-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Facilities Coordinator, Equipment Coordinator, Coordinator representing Boys teams, Coordinator representing Girls teams, Zone Coaches Representative, two Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc. representatives, and members-at-large with various responsibilities.
The Board of Directors will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. Any member of the association is eligible to run for election to the Board of Directors. Their term of office for each Board member will be one year. The Board of Directors may fill vacant positions by a vote of majority of the Board.
The duties of the Board shall include fund-raising for soccer activities, appropriating money, setting the annual registration ad membership fees, promoting the objectives of the association, and other duties as may be determined by the Board.
The Board will act as the disciplinary body of Eastside Youth Soccer.
A quorum of Board members will be a majority of the Board. There shall be one week’s notice of Board meetings.
A Board member may be removed from the Board by a motion of the Board supported by a two-thirds majority vote provided the Board member in question receives one week notice of the motion.

Annual General Meeting

A general meeting of the association shall be held annually. There shall be 15 days written notice of the meeting. All members of the association plus Board Members are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting. Each member shall have one vote. Proxy voting shall not be permitted. A quorum for the Annual General Meeting is 15 members.
The Board of Directors shall present a financial report at each Annual General Meeting showing revenues and expenses for the past year.
The constitution of the association may be amended by a majority of votes at the Annual General Meeting, provided the membership has been given 15 days written notice.


Eastside Youth Soccer Association shall be affiliated with Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc. as Zone 5, the Saskatchewan Soccer Association Inc., and through the SSA, the national and international governing bodies of soccer. Eastside Youth Soccer Association agrees to abide by their constitution and rules.
The Board of Directors of Eastside Youth Soccer Association may approve other affiliations, including affiliations with mini-teams or senior teams.


No member of Eastside Youth Soccer Association shall be held personally liable for any debts, liabilities or legal action brought against the association.




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